Tag Heuer Monaco Automatic Sixty Nine Watch Available On James List

I've always like Tag watches and even though I usually don't go for the square style these watches are quite nice. Read the rest here

"In 2011 this watch is really cool. In 2003 when this watch first came out… it was really cool. This is the Tag Heuer Monaco Automatic Sixty Nine. It was like a futuristic Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso as Tag Heuer transformed the Monaco case into something that flipped around. It does this while the watch is still on your wrist – which is probably the best part."


Bid On Impressive Watch Collection Seized From Ponzi Scheme Villain

This is interesting. Check it out here

"You've probably been seeing this picture a lot as infamous ponzi scheme wiseguy Scott Rothstein's massive watch collection goes up for auction this week. Let me tell you right away that if you want to bid, it needs to be right now. Sorry for the late notice, but according to the official documents, all bids need to be in by July 12th (see the link below for more info)."

Does Piaget set a trend with the Altiplano Only Watch 2011

This is a very nice watch, really catches the eye. Read all about it here

"Every two years an exceptional event takes place at the Monaco Yacht Show. Unique watches made by premier watchmakers especially for this event are being auctioned. This event does not only give connoisseurs and collectors the opportunity to acquire a so called Piece unique, but also helps in the battle against Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy because all proceeds from the auction are going towards research to fight this horrible disease."

Seiko Spring Drive Watch Movement

If you've ever wondered how a spring drive watch movement works, then this short video from Seiko will show you everything you need to know

Hublot to Follow Lego Guy and Make Modern Day Antikythera

Never heard of an antikythera? Join the club. It seems interesting though and I'm going to be following any updates on the Lego and Hublot projects out of pure curiosity over at hodinkee

"The Antikythera Mechanism is the oldest known scientific computer, dating back to 100 BC.  Designed by the Greeks, all knowledge of the device was lost for 2000 years until it was rediscovered in 1901 on a shipwreck off the Greek Island of Antikythera.  Over a century later, we find out that the Mechanism is really one of the first mechanical devices designed to predict celestial events and eclipses.  In other words, it's a clock.  "


Product placement in TV and films is hardly a new thing, and to be honest, unless it's something I'm really interested in, I barely notice the products that turn up on the screen. This time though it seems the product, in this case a Rolex Deep Sea, has more of a starring role. But in the end, regardless of it being a nice watch, I still don't really care, it could've been any object they used and it wouldn't make a difference to me. To see more of what I'm talking about, click here

"fter witnessing Liam Neesan’s electrifying performance in the 2008 action thriller, 'TAKEN', I have to admit I was quite looking forward to watching his latest thriller, 'UNKNOWN'. Last night I finally got to watch it. Just 12 minutes or so into the movie, I caught sight of the lead played by LN, reach for his Rolex DEEP SEA from his hospital bedside . ..

Seiko Discus landed in New York City

I don't know how I feel about this watch. It's certainly interesting but it doesn't really set of the emotions for me. Anyway, check it out here

"The Seiko Discus of the Monochrome give-away found its way to New York where the winner of the Monochrome give-away lives. A remarkable trip with the help of friends…. You could call this the give-away of Monochrome & Friends."

EXCLUSIVE: Introducing The Tudor Fastrider Chronograph For Ducati

Even though I ride a different brand, I've always liked Ducatis. The same goes for Tudors, they're a very nice watch, and pretty affordable for the quality they produce. If I had the money I would definitely have both a Ducati and Tudor, but alas I don't. If my circumstances changed I would definitely look at getting this watch to go with a bike. For more click here

"At Ducati headquarters in Bologna, Italy, the first partnership between the legendary sport bike manufacturer and a Swiss watch company was announced today, June 30th. Tudor, also known as the brand who set the world on fire with the Heritage Chronograph last year at Basel, will from this day forward be known as the "official timing partner" of Ducati." For more click here

Tag Heuer Link Smart Phone – Exclusive Debut

It may not be a watch but it does make a nice looking phone. See the full details here

"No, it isn't a watch but it does tell the time – this is the exclusive debut of the Link Smart Phone with pictures and details. It started with the Meridiist luxury phone in 2008 and now comes the Link Smart Phone – the second major mobile phone from Tag Heuer."

AUCTION RECAP (Vintage Sport Watches): Antiquorum Hong Kong 2011 – A Record-Setting Royal Oak


This may be a nice watch but I don't think I'd be up to paying near to $30,000 for the privilege of owning it……even if I did have the money, that is. For the full story click here.

"The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Ref 5402 "A-Series" is a watch we've discussed before.  It is one of the most important sport watches in the world, and last time we showed you one for sale, it set a record price at auction of about $23,750. "