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Tag Heuer Link Smart Phone – Exclusive Debut

It may not be a watch but it does make a nice looking phone. See the full details here

"No, it isn't a watch but it does tell the time – this is the exclusive debut of the Link Smart Phone with pictures and details. It started with the Meridiist luxury phone in 2008 and now comes the Link Smart Phone – the second major mobile phone from Tag Heuer."


AUCTION RECAP (Vintage Sport Watches): Antiquorum Hong Kong 2011 – A Record-Setting Royal Oak


This may be a nice watch but I don't think I'd be up to paying near to $30,000 for the privilege of owning it……even if I did have the money, that is. For the full story click here.

"The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Ref 5402 "A-Series" is a watch we've discussed before.  It is one of the most important sport watches in the world, and last time we showed you one for sale, it set a record price at auction of about $23,750. "

Breitling Chrono-Matic 24-H (Limited Edition)

This is a nice watch. It's a little busy and I'm not 100% sold on the brown band, but it still impresses. Check out the full story here

"The appeal of Breitling timepieces revolves around the "busy" pilot dial. When I had my first Breitling, a Chronomat, I somehow felt she wasn't too "Breitling" (some may diasgree) and sold her away shortly. Pateintly waiting for a correctly priced Navitimer or Cosmonaut, I chance upon the Chrono-Matic 24H, with a flyback chronograph."

Romain Jerome Space Invaders Watches

When I first saw the title I thought "Oh, great, another cheap watch that you can get on ebay for $0.99….including shipping", but I was pleasantly surprised to see that this is actually a good looking and good quality piece. It's something that I could actually see myself wearing and not be embarassed by. The full story is over at ablogtoread

"The best part of these timepieces is easily the box. I wasn't allowed to take pictures, but Romain Jeromeshowed me a sneak preview of the Space Invaders watches back in March. The idea is to recall some of the fun and playfulness, as well as the novelty of the late 1970s video game. The box is actually a light box and you place the watch inside of it."

Relogio Invicta Subaqua Noma #05

This is a very nice looking watch, and not too much over the top price wise for the watch it is.

An Aquatic Amazon Adventure

This looks like fun. I just wish I actually had the money so I could do it myself. Get more details here

"The hard-to-reach Pacaya Samiria Reserve, located in the Amazon River basin in Peru, is home to the endangered pink Amazon dolphin, the three-toed sloth, the jaguar, and now the M/V Aria, a luxury river cruiser. "

Watches in Depth – Mechanical vs Electronic

This is an interesting article on mechanical and electronic watches and how they function. Check out the full story here

"The most basic distinction that can be made between watches is whether they are mechanical or quartz. Today’s market is heavily skewed towards quartz or electronic watches – after all, they are inexpensive, accurate, reliable and can be produced in huge numbers through mass production. Mechanical watches, on the other hand, are the mainstay of the traditional Swiss luxury watch industry and have become a symbol of luxury and fine engineering, but things haven’t always been this way."

SEIKO Ananta Diver 200m Chrono 130th Anniversary CE

Here's a nice little article on the Seiko Ananta Diver. If you like these types of watches, go over to oceanic time and check out the rest of this article.

"It's probably fair to say that SEIKO aren't particularly well represented here, but that's by no means through lack of love for the brand I can assure you. Here's one particular diver from SEIKO that caught my eye at the Basel fair this year."



If you like Diesel watches, head over to watchismo now for a chance to win a DZ4201 or DZ4202 now. These are nice looking watches, if not that traditional, so get your entries in before 27 June 2011 for a chance to win.

Can You Pull Off Wearing The RSW Nazca Sport Watch?

This is a strange looking watch so I'm not sure what sort of person would end up wearing it, but for those who are into things a little bit weird it seems to be an okay watch.

"I love how a design like that of the RSW (Rama Swiss Watch) Nazca is bound to be so polarizing. I think that RSW themselves gets a kick out of that. I mean, from a purely business-oriented motive you’d want to make timepieces that appealed to more people, not less people right? Yet despite this RSW continues to tread forth in the design of timepieces that appeal to just some people, but certainly not all people. So what about you? What are you feelings on the Nazca collection?" check it out here